National Housing Guide

The Alberta version of the National Housing Code of Canada 1998 and Illustrated Guide is intended to help builders, tradespeople, suppliers, construction technology students, inspectors, engineers, architects, designers, site superintendents and other industry representatives understand the Code. The National Research Council of Canada, in partnership with the Alberta Home Builder’s Association, has produced the Guide.

With chapters sequenced to correspond closely to the way houses are designed and built, the Alberta version of the National Housing Code and Illustrated Guide concentrates on requirements identified in Parts 1, 2, 3, and 9 of the National Building Code (NBC). It’s about 600 pages and uses plain language and self-explanatory illustrations throughout. Incorporating industry research and manufacturer’s recommendations, the Guide includes examples of building practices that illustrate the requirements contained in the NBC.

The Guide is divided into 16 chapters – each of which corresponds to a chapter in the National Housing Code – and deals with a wide spectrum of building issues including foundations, floor framing, fire resistance and sound transmission, roofing, windows, skylights, doors, mechanical systems, plumbing and electrical facilities and garages, carports, and decks.

It’s in a handy¬†format and is a valuable complement to the 1995 National Building Code that can help you avoid common problems and build with success.

Best of all, it carries a separate section detailing all the changes Alberta has made to the National Code.