Alberta Builder Connect Has Been Open for One Month!

Alberta Builder Connect opened its door for business on January 10. Jobs are being posted by members on a daily basis and there’s already been some online business taking place between builder and trade and supplier members. The site has already registered about 240 member companies and close to 200 jobseekers. Hits to the site have been have been great, especially for a brand new venture.

The site is being noticed. Val Veldhuyzen of the Calgary Region HBA says “Recently the CRHBA posted two job ads on the Alberta Builder Connect website. The response received from applicants was surprisingly high considering the website is such a new job search tool. I was able to fill one of the postings within a week of listing the position.

A large advertising campaign was launched on January 1. It has been targeted at the general public, urging it to check out the site and to sign up to get job opportunities sent its way. Advertising is done through the internet, radio, restaurants and more. Much of the campaign is a catchy parody on internet dating sites.

Alliances have also been formed with the post-secondary institutions in raising the awareness of our industry with students. There’s advertising at NAIT and SAIT through posters, postcards, the internet and student publications.

Looks back on the first month of the site’s operation and says, “It’s been a bit of a slow build. We knew that would happen, but it’s long term prospects are terrific.” We are planning more information sessions for members across the province to show them how easy the site is to use.”

In the member’s area, companies can post jobs, post and respond to RFPs (Request for Pricing), browse the provincial membership list, and have access to online building and development permits.

5 Major Causes of Roof Leaks to Look Out for

Roof leakage is a major issue which most homeowners face. There is nothing more tiresome and boring than always running for the drip bucket every time it rains. A drop every second may seem quite insignificant and most homeowners may tend to assume the problem. However, a single drop signifies a major roof problem.

Roof issues are quite costly hence requiring individuals to spend both their time and money struggling to fix the issue. Therefore, it is more important to learn how to prevent leaks more than learn how to fix them.

To preserve your home investment, here are five handy tips o the major causes of roof leaks:


While skylights as well as roof windows are known to give your home much glare by bringing in the natural light, they might be the cause of your roof problems. In case they are fixed wrongly or are too worn out, then they might leak in a little water as well. if you realize that the downhill slope tends to fill in water really quick, then this is a bad sign. Some homes can cave in through weak frame work since they cannot withstand high pressures.

Flashing problems

Flashing is the metallic piece which is usually fixed below shingles as well as o roof joints. It forms a water resistant barrier, which may either be exposed or covered. Roofers usually use tar to conceal the flashing. The tar may corrode with time. In case the flashing is exposed, harsh weather conditions may corrode it, making it to leak water into the house. To prevent this, high quality materials should be used to make the flashing and proper installation should be done.

Broken valleys

A valley is the section where two planes of a roof are joined. Considering that such parts are sloped, wrong sealing can cause rain water to flow inside the house as it flows down the roof. Some factors which can cause cracking of valleys include mechanical damage and excess rain or ice. Cracked valleys are a major cause of leaks in the house.

Age of your roof

Roofing materials may tear or wear with time. With time, they may deteriorate thus becoming less effective in keeping rain water out. Temperature fluctuations, storms and other adverse weather conditions may cause roofs to be brittle and to crack with time. In places whether weather conditions are not extreme, shingles may last for about fifteen years. Maintenance and upgrading is thus essential.

Poor technician services

If your roofer offers you substandard services, you can be sure that you will experience problems with your roof in no time. Therefore, one should be careful when choosing a roofer to handle a certain task. One way of their professionalism is by checking previous samples of projects they have handled.

It is easier to prevent than to cure. Therefore, ensure that you have regular roof maintenance with to avoid roof leaks.